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Op dit moment ziet New York er heel anders uit... Gelukkig hebben we de beelden (uit 2018) nog! #vlog #linkinbio #travel #newyork
Throwback Sunday! De nieuwe NY video is af. Gratis, gratis, gratis, eten, eten, eten, dat is wat de klok slaat in video 54! #linkinbio #rikandcharlie #newyork #throwback
Sun’s out video out! Oude tijden herleven met een nieuwe video! #linkinbio #rikandcharlie #ny
Hello FRIEND, Better Days, the non-profit organization I work with on Lesvos, has started a new fundraising campaign to support the most vulnerable children of Moria refugee camp. If you are following international ​news​, you are probably aware of the recent tragic sequence of events that has targeted both the refugee community and humanitarian workers. Our team categorically condemns the outbreak of violence currently happening on Lesvos and will continue to call for humanity. In the past two months, we have supported over 1000 unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) on Lesvos by providing emergency aid packs, supporting access to safe shelter and basic medical service, and providing legal support for their family reunification claims. Most of these children have lost or been separated from their relatives and are dangerously exposed to human trafficking, drug abuse, violent attacks, and sexual abuse. We believe that by providing them with safe spaces, education, psychosocial and resilience support, and love, we are returning a sense of normalcy into their lives that will assist them in becoming empowered children able to integrate into their host communities. Today, we call on our friends and supporters over the years to stand by our side as we support this most vulnerable population. Your generosity enables us to continue our work in Greece, and together we can help change the course of the future for these children. Please read about our program and the emergency situation on Lesvos here:​. For further information about the project and other ways to contribute to our work, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thankfully, the Global Giving platform will double all single donations received by Better Days on the ​18th of March and any ​monthly recurring contributions​. Every small donation helps us get closer to our goal, and every donation can be big if we all work together! Our work wouldn’t be possible without your support! The Better Days team thanks you. Together we will continue to make this world a better place.

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Precies een jaar geleden kregen we dat ene belletje. Het ging niet goed met Riks vader en we moesten zo snel mogelijk naar huis komen. Deze video maakten we toen we vanuit Haïti weer in Nederland waren geland.

Life goes on without you. 

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2 comments on “Precies een jaar geleden gebeurde dit

  1. Jannita Heemskerk schreef:

    Lieve Rik & Charlotte,

    wow, heftig toch weer om dit filmpje te bekijken….we denken aan jullie en jullie familie.


  2. Madeleine schreef:

    In gedachten bij jullie! De hele film draait weer van minuut tot minuut: hoe confronterend…….heel veel liefs.


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